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Debra Garoutte



My Story

  I started with Scentsy on August 10th, 2012! I My first experience with Scenty was at an Open House!  I was amazed at the way the warmer melted the wax with nothing but a light bulb!  I was in love with all of the different scents there were to choose from!  I ordered the Perfect Scentsy combined package. I fell in love with the warmers and the scents!  I kept thinking that I wanted to be a part of this company!  I could do this!   It was always in the back of my mind, that I wanted to sign up with Scentsy as I kept purchasing Scentsy for myself and others. A few years later I decided it was time.  I needed extra money and Scentsy seemed like a "fun" job to do!  I sell Real Estate and I always gave Scentsy as a closing gift to my customers.  It made their homes smell wonderful and they loved receiving them.  They always knew what Scentsy was! I signed up on my own because I wanted extra money each month to help with bills. ( It's hard to make enough money when you're single.)  I never knew how many wonderful friends I would make along the way!  I'm on such an awesome team!  We all help and support each other when we need it!  It's like having another family! I'm very thankful to my Scentsy Family and the opportunity to make as much money as I want while working from home or on the go!  The owners, Heidi and Orville Thompson, are genuinely passionate about this business and are in it to help us succeed! Thank you, Scentsy for changing my life! You can do this too! <!--endbody-->

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